Shannon Roddy,

Library, Media Specialist

              Shannon Roddy

       Library, Media Specialist

Throughout my career in education, I always wanted to work with teachers and students.  I taught middle school English for 3 years before obtaining my Masters in School Leadership and Administration and then an Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  As time passed, I felt led to move away from a field in administration and toward library-media.  It was the perfect marriage of my love for literature and love for working with students.  This is my 8th year as a media specialist.  I am very excited about the new and progressive programs that we are launching in the media center. 

I love that the library is transforming to meet the needs of students. It is the hub of the school, a place where students come to learn, work cooperatively and relax. The SMMHS library is so much more than books.  It is a space with vision.  With over 40 computers, 30 Chrome Books, and a large collaborative space, students find that the media center is  provides them with all they need to succeed. 

I grew up on Signal and love this community. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have two beautiful daughters. I am a runner and avid hiker. David and I love going anywhere that takes our family on an outdoor adventure.  


Your librarian: Ginger Kirchmyer


To be a school librarian, one must have a master's degree, preferably in a library related field because this educator is the only one on campus who touches and influences every SMMHS student's academic progress. Today's librarian must also work to equip and walk alongside every teacher as they prepare their classes for this year and for the future. In this role, your librarian:

  • plans and implements programs to highlight new books and books of interest in order to encourage enthusiastic readers

  • selects and purchases materials including books, online resources, technology, and assorted media for teachers and students that enable them to be skillful researchers and critical thinkers

  • manages Atriuum (the online information system for our library collection)

  • manages the SMMHS Library website

  • creates tutorials, podcasts, screencasts, and other resources for personal, online instruction

  • attends school-based and district meetings

  • holds staff trainings, one-on-one lessons, and small group help sessions for colleagues

  • individually collaborates with teachers, district librarians, and administration in an effort to support classroom instruction, enabling all patrons to be informed and ethical users of information

  • publishes a monthly newsletter, tweets, and keeps up Facebook & Pinterest pages in an effort to stay in touch with the school community

  • oversees the media center budget

  • determines policies and procedures which help to maintain a welcoming, organized, and useful physical space for the school community

  • trains and supervises all the library aides and manages the volunteers who contribute to the successful operation of this facility

  • teaches 2 sections of Senior Project and serves as the Senior Project Coordinator for the school, responsible for all daily lessons, grading, parent communication, and typical responsibilities that go along with overseeing a classroom.  

  • teaches 2 sections of Creative Writing, responsible for all daily lessons, grading, parent communication, and typical responsibilities that go along with overseeing a classroom.

SMMHS Library Aides

SMMHS Juniors and Seniors who have maintained a 3.0 GPA are eligible for selection to serve as a library aide. The primary responsibility of the student library aide is to welcome all patrons and assist them with their library needs. This includes:

  • book check-out

  • shelving books

  • printing & copying for the patrons

  • computer trouble-shooting for patrons

  • advising and recommending book selection

  • teaching patrons how to use Atriuum (the book look-up system)

  • helping students find available resources like staplers, hole punchers, etc...

  • running, cutting, and delivering lamination for teachers

  • sorting a plethora of paperwork

  • creating Directed Studies passes each week for Ms. K

  • hanging artwork and other student work for display in the library

  • filling copiers and printers with paper

  • running errands

  • cleaning computers to make them operate faster

  • setting up displays

  • maintaining a neat, clean atmosphere

  • creating slideshows for the website

  • moving furniture to prepare for activities in the library

  • managing the recycling

  • assisting teachers with check-out of teacher materials in the back rooms

  • keeping up with the student wish-list for book orders

  • answering the phone

and they do all this with a smile!  These guys are amazing, and maybe one day, if you keep up with your grades, you can become one of the elite...the chosen... the LIBRARY AIDES!

Our Beautiful, Wonderful Volunteers

SMMHS has been fortunate enough to have over 20 parents who volunteer on a regular basis in our library.  These volunteers typically come for 2 hour weekly or bi-weekly shifts. Each of them bring a unique skill-set, so assignments vary among them based on their interests and backgrounds, and all of their talents are being utilized in ways that make happy workers (because happy workers come back and work again)! Things they don't already know how to do, Ms. K personally trains them to do. Here's how their time is typically spent:


  • setting up and tearing down for special events like Book Fair

  • processing inventory (assigning barcodes and spine labels)

  • repairing books

  • fixing protective covers on new books

  • back-end management of Atriuum (inputing student pictures, changing erroneous book information, investigating computer issues as they arise, etc...)

  • sorting through donated titles in order to determine appropriateness for our library

  • maintaining organizational systems in storage areas

  • trouble-shooting and maintenance of electronics

  • grant research and application help

  • assistance in supervision of students

  • reorganization of the collection when necessary

  • keeping up the main library bulletin board

  • maintaining visuals and decor associated with programming (like wrapping books for Blind Date with a Book or creating signage for the library)

  • investigating products or services that are under consideration for purchase and reporting their findings

  • making phone calls on behalf of the library when necessary

  • creating schedules for class visitations

  • making posters for teachers and patrons

  • research and writing contributions for the monthly newsletter

  • setting up postings for social media to go out strategically

  • researching and posting book trailers to our Facebook

  • decorating for the holidays throughout the year

  • processing the Chattanooga Public Library cards

  • maintaining records for lamination, butcher paper, poster maker, etc....


The presence of these incredible people allows Ms. K to work with teachers and students on an as-needed basis. Without them, access to your librarian would be extremely limited.