• Students, parents, and teachers can ACCEPT the challenge!

  • Choose the number of books you want to challenge yourself to read by the end of 2016!

  • Let us know in the library - we'll give you a special bookmark and post your name on a display "book" outside the library! (you can also just send us an email by clicking the "Join Now" button below if you can't make it in)

  • Use the list of books on the bookmark to guide your reading (or select your own titles)

  • When you complete the challenge, come by so we can take a photo of you to put on your "book"! (or email us a photo!)

  • WINNERS photos will be on display, an announcement will be made, and you will be featured on the library's website & in the January LMC Newsletter!

  • You can also join the conversation (below) by sharing titles and opinions of books to suggest to other readers!

Send us an email with your name & grade (or say parent/teacher). 

Scroll down on the blog to access user comments about great books they are currently reading!